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The Flaming Pits of Roshell

you are soooo bad girl! Oh, and max evans is writing bad!fic again

Rosfic. Gets. Sporked.
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Spork (spôrk)

A trademark used for a plastic eating utensil having a spoonlike bowl and tines. Sarcastic mockery of fanfic that has greatly exceeded WTF status. Native language of visitors to Fanfiction[dot]net, although has been found to be spoken throughout the Web.

Welcome to Sporkwell!

This is a community dedicated to the sporking of fanfic written about the now-deceased WB-cum-UPN television drama, Roswell.

Read a really bad piece of fanfic lately? Feel the need to vent or impale your head upon a telephone pole? Share the pain here. After all, crack is hard to quit.


When posting to the community, please give a link to the badfic in question and apply LJ-Cuts to the actual sporking. If you're not sure how to do this, contact one of the maintainers and we'll let you know. Also, make your post friends-only so that only members of the community can read the entry, otherwise what's the point of moderation?

Have you WRITTEN a really badfic? Feel free to submit it here, but follow the same rules as above and please include a rating and any appropriate warnings.

IMPORTANT: Just because a story is of a fandom or a certain lifestyle (slash, BDSM, etc)that you do not like does NOT automatically make it a bad fic.

- Do not link to LiveJournal badfics, as all it takes is one oversensitive LJ user to complain and a community can be shut down.

If, horror of horrors, you find that one of your fics has been posted here, try not to take it personally. We're not attacking you, just your writing. Feel free to defend yourself, however. We love debates.

And finally, when posting, just so we know you've read the rules, please make the subject: "I can't breathe, until you're resting in Hell with me."

Request to join HERE. This is a private community and primarily invitation only, so if your request to join is rejected, don't take it personally. It's probably just because we don't know you or recognize your LiveJournal username.

rules adapted from marysues


If you're interested in becoming a maintainer, contact one of us at ourusername@livejournal.com. But be forewarned - if we don't know you, we probably won't accept you. Never hurts to try though!